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What is PLUS?
PLUS is a consortium of Dutch companies doing business in the agricultural sector in Russia and Ukraine.
The cluster’s intention is to increase and improve the commercial involvement of Dutch companies in the agricultural sector in Russia and Ukraine. PLUS is focusing on innovative precision farming techniques along the complete production chain. PLUS is not a sales channel, but a group of companies that use joint promotional activities.
PLUS has the following objectives:
  • To apply the Dutch knowledge and technology in the field of chain management in the Russian and Ukrainian arable sectors;
  • To strengthen the relations between Dutch and Russian/Ukrainian companies, organizations and governmental institutions;
  • To strengthen the relations between Universities and knowledge centers;
  • To stimulate collaboration between Dutch entrepreneurs operating in the agricultural sector of Russia and Ukraine.

The Dutch agricultural sector
The strength of the Dutch agricultural sector lies in its integral approach (chain approach) of inputs (seeds, fertilizers, etc.), labor/management, machinery and above all precision techniques and education.
The Dutch sector can offer significant added value to investments of Russian and Ukrainian arable farm managers in the field of innovative solutions increasing the yield per hectare immensely and thus profits.
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